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Stainless steel jewelry production in China.

Hi there,

In this blog, we briefly describe the steps and techniques used in a modern Stainless steel jewelry production process. We will also try to answer clients questions which we couldn’t address on our FAQ page.

Why did we decide to write a blog?

Opposite to tradition steel jewelry wholesale we mainly provide stainless steel production services to brands. Local and international in different price segments.
Our interaction with the designers and the clients during the development and production stages is way more intensive than traditional companies.
We learn from our experience that the right information and knowledge can save our customer a lot of money.
When our clients have the right information we able to achieve smoother and faster development and production process.

It is not our aim to make you a stainless steel jewelry production expert.

Rather we aim at presenting the general outline and information for our customers and those who may not be familiar with Stainless steel jewelry production process.
You should be able to…

  • Understand the impact of the fabrication process on issues such as cost and quality
  • Discover alternative Ways to reduce your stainless steel jewelry collection cost.
  • learn how to design a new stainless steel collection with budget in mind.

A professional industry insight for anyone that need to better control their stainless steel jewelry production in China.

We encourage you to ask  questions. It is our best way to learn.
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Comments or suggestions? please join the conversations.
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Hulpf team

Stainless steel jewelry production and private label services By Hulpf