Stainless steel jewelry – Questions people ask.

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What grade of stainless steel is used for jewelry?

The most common grade used for stainless steel jewelry is 304 (18-20% chromium and 8-10.5% nickel).
while better Jewelry brands use the hypoallergenic grade 316, 316L and 316F, with extra 2-3% molybdenum for better resistance to corrosives .
You may find cheap jewelry made of steel grade 202 (16-18% chromium and 0.5-4.0% nickel) which is less corrosion resistant and more prone to rusting.
Body jewelry and pierced jewelry most likely to use grade 316L which consider to be surgical stainless steel.

Can you bathe or shower with stainless steel jewelry?

Yes, the water will not damage the jewelry.
Although it is recommended that you dry them well to avoid possible development of corrosion.

Does stainless steel turn finger green?

The green color also known as fougerite is a green rust mineral formed by metal corrosion.
In extreme conditions stainless steel can form the green corrosion but it’s unlikely to happen during normal use.

Does stainless steel jewelry tarnish or rust?

Stainless steel jewelry is rust resistant but not rust proof.
Different grades has different resistant to rust according to their chromium content.
Under normal use and care steel jewelry should not develop corrosion or rust.

Is stainless steel jewelry nickel free?

Steel jewelry are not nickel free for the reason that most steel grades contain 8-10.5% nickel.
The European directive (REACH, Entry 27, Annex XVII) specifies the nickel release limit in articles which have direct and prolonged contact with the skin.
Jewelry made from a proper grade of steel will not exceed those limitation and safe for use.
For more details read our post on toxic substances in jewelry.

Can you color stainless steel? Can stainless steel be coated? Does stainless steel come in colors?

You can color, plate and coat stainless steel using 4 basic methods:
1. PVD / IP plating
2. Electroplating.
3. Bath dipping
4. Oxidization / Anodizing.
The most common method is PVD / IP plating.
Method of applying 2 layers of material in vacuum chamber.
The prime layer and the “color” layer.
Available in different gold 14K, 18K, 24K, rose gold, black, blue, silver/titanium and dark grey.
You can read about the plating process here
Electroplating is a chemical reaction that create color layer and available in many vivid colors.
This method is less durable and mainly used for inexpensive fashion jewelry.

Does stainless steel jewelry change color?
Under normal use stainless steel jewelry will not change color.

How to clean stainless steel jewelry?
The best method is to use medical alcohol and soft cloth.
In case of light scratches your jeweler can buff or polish the artical.

Can you make stainless steel jewelry with diamonds?
Yes, it is possible to set diamond or any other semi precious stone in stainless steel.

Is stainless steel jewelry better than sterling silver?

While both stainless steel and silver used in jewelry making.
Stainless steel is more durable, heavier, has better scratch resistant and will not tarnish.
While silver jewelry softer(require for some applications), incorporate finer details, and easier to fabricate.
Furthermore the silver color is lighter than the steel color.

Do you provide custom made stainless steel jewelry service?

We custom-made steel jewelry for private labels, brands and individual designers.
Contact us for free consultation.

Is stainless steel jewelry good quality?
Like any other product you buy. most likely you will get what you pay for.
You can find cheap low quality jewelry.
In the other hand you can buy stainless steel jewelry in a superb quality.

What make stainless steel jewelry high quality?

1. The design.
2. Attention to details
3. Measurements accuracy.
3. Functionality.
4. Polish quality.
5. Feature safety