Stainless steel jewelry with Rhodium plating

Rhodium plating is all about silver jewelry, right?
You can have Stainless steel jewelry with Rhodium plating.

Many people picture a bright, expensive Rhodium finish jewelry only as silver jewelry. It must be expensive to reach this look as you must use silver to craft the jewelry before you can apply rhodium plating.
Well, maybe not.

Yes, rhodium is still needed. Like anything in life, you get out of your jewelry what you put in. However, you don’t have to use expensive silver in order to get this sparkling luxury jewelry look.

You can upgrade your stainless steel jewelry with Rhodium plating. The color will be bright (whiter than steel), it will look expensive and it is easy to fit into your production schedule. You can plate chains, rings pendents, basically any type of steel jewelry.

Let’s find out what Stainless steel jewelry with Rhodium plating is all about.

The process of applying rhodium plating on steel jewelry is little different from applying Rhodium on silver jewelry.
The process involve 3 steps that can perform in different quality level (we outline our recommended spec below)  but one thing you must consider. The plating process does not cover any imperfection. Your steel jewelry must be clean, perfectly polished without marks before the plating.
Production steps for Stainless steel jewelry with Rhodium plating.

  1. Gold plating
  2. PDP / PCP /PNP plating
  3. Rhodium plating

How we plate steel jewelry with rhodium?

After polishing, assembly and quality check each piece of jewelry clean and prepare for plating.
In the first stage the steel jewelry socked in liquid solutions and plated with 24K gold. The gold layer use as a “glue” between the other 2 layers and the stainless steel. You must make sure the plating is dense enough and cover the whole item in order to insure high durability finished jewelry.
After the jewel is plated with 24K gold cleaned and dry it’s time for the 2nd layer. This layer can use different metals combination according to your budget and desired quality.

  1. PDP: Pure Palladium plating.
  2. PCP: Palladium and Cobalt mix plating.
  3. PNP: Palladium and Nickel mix plating.

Next, for the 3rd layer we will apply and plate the entire surface with pure Rhodium. It is possible to apply different thicknesses of rhodium according to the spec. The quality of this layer will have an impact on the color and the shines of your final jewelry piece.

How we test Stainless steel jewelry with Rhodium plating?

The method is very similar to testing other steel jewelry plating techniques like PVD. The testing performed by a fully automated X-ray machine (imported from Germany).
Because the thickness of each layer is very thin, we will perform 10 testing attempt to get the most accurate results. hard copy result’s report available to our customers.

Recommended specs for Stainless steel jewelry with Rhodium plating.

  1. 24K gold plating for 8-10 minutes. (until the jewelry piece is fully plated)
  2. Mix of 10% Cobalt and 90% Palladium for 2nd layer plating.
  3. 0.1 micron Pure Rhodium plating 3rd layer

When you are planning your next steel jewelry production, remember that your plating specs affects the cost and durability of the jewelry and adjust accordingly.

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