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Q: Why Should I pick Hulpf Instead of another factory who is Cheaper?

We serve businesses that value service and understand the benefit of quality and reliability over price. With Hulpf, you get more than a factory; you get a team of experienced experts to manage your orders according to industry best practice without cutting corners. So, if price is your only drive, then you should go with a cheaper company. Hulpf wants you to find the right fit for your business needs. If your business values support, reliability, and stability, Hulpf outshines other factories. Learn more about us.

Q: Our company specialize in silver products and would like to develop a stainless steel line. Can you help?

Yes, as the prices of precious metal rise consistently many customers turn into stainless steel alternative. We recommend that you understand the difference and limitation in steel fabrication and development compared to silver first.  If you will find it suitable to your business model we will walk you through the process step by step as we successfully did before with other customers. Learn more about stainless steel jewelry production..

Q: Can you insure the lowest price for stainless steel products?

We believe that you get what you pay for. You can rest assured that our price will be very competitive to similar products in the same quality and specs. You are always welcome to send us sample products for free analyze and consultation.

Q: How long does it take to develop a new product in stainless steel?

It does vary, based on the technology used, complexity of the item and the design. Production sample can be produced in between one to 4 weeks. Our development process usually takes half of the time compared to the industry average.

Q: How long will it take to produce my stainless steel jewelry order?

In most cases 30 to 45 days after sample confirmation.

Q: I can find very cheap stainless steel products online, how is it possible? Can you do it as well?

Cost of the products depends on many variables.  The grade of the steel, type of polish, coating technology and many small details that usually trained technicians can point out easily.  But for the naked eye it looks the same. We should be able to offer you competitive price for products based on the same specs.

Q: Is it safe to transfer payment to china before shipment?

Although everything is possible, most companies will deliver your shipment as promised. You should ask for up to date business license copy, make sure you dial land line phone and not mobile and you should take extra caution if it looks too good to be true.

Q: Can I send you a product from a famous brand to copy?

No, we do not engage in any activities that involve infringement others intellectual property.

Q: Can I send you magazine ads or mood board for design concept and inspiration?

Yes, it is known and acceptable practice in design and development process.

Q: Will you sell or produce my design to other customers?

No, we will not compromise our business ethic and the reputation we earned during years of hard work.

Q: Can I come to visit?

Yes, any time during business hours.

Q: Can you assist with accommodation and transportation in China during my trip?

Yes, we can. We also have a contract for special discount rate with the Bai Yun hotel. Learn more about the hotel facilities.

Q: Can one of Hulpf’s staff members join me for souvenir shopping?

No, our staff has work to do. But we will be glad to recommend local markets.

Q: Can we assign 3rd party company to do quality inspection before you ship?

Yes, you can.

Q: Is there a difference between Electroplating and PVD ?

While many used the term “IP plating” both for PVD and electronic plating it’s a different process. The process, cost and components are different. You can read more in our blog section.

Q: Some vendors display hundreds of stainless steel jewelry on their sites, why do you have small collections?

It’s known practice for local companies to collect samples from many factories and display them online. We display only our collection, products we developed and experienced production before. Learn more about our products.

Q: What People also ask?

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