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When you turn to Hulpf OEM and private label solutions, you suddenly have an entire staff of experts working for you serving as an extension of your company.

Hulpf helps you focus on your business and your customers without the cost and complexity of owning and maintaining production infrastructure or employees in China. Whether you need to develop a new collection, revise existing products or manufacture your brand’s designs.

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The finest stainless steel jewelry manufacturer in China

Long ago we set out to build a company that focused solely on delivering the best private label solutions in China's steel jewelry industry. Since the beginning, we have focused on providing premium quality and the best customer experience possible

A lot has changed since the beginning. But some things haven't changed: our belief in the possibilities of being the finest manufacturer in the industry.

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The quality and price you need, wrapped in the design you want

Customers see your products they see you. Your products are often the first and primary interaction that customers have with your business and brand. Maintaining exclusive, up to date products is critical to stay ahead of your competitors.

Since the best matching for your market may involve more than one style, we work with designers from Italy, London and China to create the optimal solution for your needs

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Steel jewelry production in China

Get familiar with the steps and techniques used in a modern stainless steel jewelry manufacturing process. Understand the impact of the fabrication process on issues such as cost and quality.

Professional industry insight for buyers who need to better control their jewelry sourcing in China.

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swarovski and steel ring

316L high glossy stainless steel ring with 8mm Swarovski crystal

swarovski and steel necklace

Rose gold stainless steel necklace with 8mm Swarovski crystal

swarovski ear stud

316L Stainless steel ear stud, glossy finish, 5mm Swarovski crystal

swarovski and steel hook earing

316L Steel hook earing, 8mm Swarovski crystal, gold coating

steel bangel for men

316L stainless steel men bangle, high glossy finish

stainless steel men ring

316L stainless steel ring for men, black satin finish