Stainless steel jewelry
factory video tour - Part 4

Laser welding, laser marking, and assemble.
Factory visual tour in video and photos

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Stainless steel jewelry factory video - Part 4

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Stainless steel jewelry factory video - Part 1
Stamping, hydraulic pressing and plasma cutting in steel jewelry production.
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Steel jewelry factory part 3
Stainless steel jewelry factory video - Part 4
Laser welding, laser marking departments, assembly and packing.

Video description

Laser welding in a steel jewelry factory is essential. In most application welding yield a better results than soldering and it’s the preferred method to “connect” small parts together. Good example is the bail on steel pendent. Large scale steel jewelry production require more than 1 or 2 working stations as the process is slow.
Jewelry products with more than one part need assemble. Each of the assemble steps require expertise and experience. For better and faster results a specific team will do the same step for different items.
Products pass through few quality check during the production process. The red pencil use to mark the defect for fixing in later stage.
Next is a laser marking working station. Either for decorative or marking (Logo, steel grade etc...). The pattern set on the computer which drive a laser beam to mark the product. The quality of the marking depend on the machine resolution, lens and type. More about steel jewelry laser marking in our blog. In the last stage of production, after final quality control each product individually packed and ship to our customers world wide.
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The factory in pictures

jewelry laser welding

Laser welding close-up view.
Welding under ultra violent light

welding steel jewelry

Laser welding department
9 working station for steel jewelry welding

laser marking steel jewelry

Laser marking machine
Laser marking working station example

packing department jewelry factory

Packing department
2 expandable lines up to 32 seats

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